31 March 2010

too busy to stop...

that's right. i'm too busy. i'm working long days trying to get caught up at work and actually am trying to get ahead if there is such a thing.  April 1st i start my PhD writing again after a great wonderful and way too long break. Our taxes have been done, now only to file them and wait. We are fortunately in the black! woo hoo. happy day for us. Of course I have to redo them with a fresh set of eyes to make sure i didn't make any miscalculations. I hate it when that happens. His forms were more difficult to do since he is a US citizen living overseas, but I am a smart girl and if anyone else does their taxes by themselves you know, all you have to do is figure out how to read and interpret the directions. I think interpretation here is key. Apparently when you live overseas you are automatically granted a 2 month extension w/o filing for extension, so i can take my time, but I think they will be in on time anyways just because they are done.

I really don't like mean people and i never understood why people are so mean to harmless and innocent bystanders.  Some people are mean for no freaking reason. They are so angry at the world and looking to blame anyone and everyone for their problems because if they can't, they  may have to look within. And even if someone HAS done something against you, you HAVE to be a bigger person and let it go. You absolutely have to let it go. If you have truly in your heart and in your mind and in your soul, moved on, then you have no reason for being mean, cruel and angry. These things indicate that you have yet to let go. I always say, the opposite of love is not hate.... For if you are able to hate someone, then you still hold a deep seated passion for them deep down inside. No, the opposite is not hate... it is INDIFFERENCE. There is no reason to treat anyone with anything less than kindness and respect. Especially Christians. God tells us to LOVE ONE ANOTHER and to LOVE OUR ENEMY. So there is absolutely no excuse or rationalization or justification for poor treatment, anger, hatred, or abuse. And if you dare call yourself a Christian, then shame on you if you are not living by this rule.

I really think it is time to let it go and move on... You anger and hatred affect not only you, but anyone and everyone in your presence. And it really is stunting your growth as a person. so do us all a favor. Grow up, be an adult, accept your reality, (YOU KNOW that MESS YOU CREATED that now you have to live in) - do something productive about it. Quit blaming the rest of the world and quit using the rest of the world as pawns in your scheme to get sympathy. Its really not all about you as I have said before. No, its not. And the minute you realize that there are a lot more important things in life than you, the world will be a better place. Don't make me call Oprah....

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