12 March 2010

There must be some amazing tail winds...

Rick is coming!! Rick is coming!! Rick is coming!! Rick is coming!! Rick is coming!!
And the tail winds must be amazing because he is looking to get here OVER an hour ahead of schedule!!! More like an hour and a half. I am tracking his flight online and trying to work but that is pretty hopeless right now. I am too excited. Nervous even. I am so nervous to see him. Not sure why. It will be fine. Once i see him my anxieties will quell, but until then...

Hopefully he doesn't take a long time to get through customs. It shouldn't be a problem unless someone is waiting to seize him at the gate. Heh heh, only kidding. So here you have it. Rick is nearly here. You can see the picture i took from the net. It basically says 45 minutes to arrival. And i couldn't be happier!!!!!!!

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