17 March 2010

somethings brewing....

Friends... Rick and I will have a party at my house NEXT Friday. Which is the 26th. Please send emails and comments if you are interested in attending and we will go from there as far as details. Pray for no rain! Until then enjoy Rick and my girls. They love each other very much. I think he is going to accept the package deal after all!!  Happy St. Patties day! Today marks several anniversaries - the 4 year anniversary of  buying my house, the 11 year anniversary of committing my life to God as I know him, the Umpteenth anniversary of Ricks parents meeting for the first time, and finally, the Anniversary of the DEATH of good old Saint Patrick. Life Is Good. Beware of the leprechauns underfoot. You wouldn't want to squish one. I hear its quite bad luck.

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  1. Afraid I will not be back in time. Maybe next time!