02 March 2010

Reality Bytes

I want to go back to the place I was a little over a week ago... To a 5-Star resort equipped with a water park, aquarium (with a HUGE whale shark that had a posse of fish swimming by its side), and the views were amazing, and soccer goals, and an amazing spa.. I could go on and on about this place. It was awesome. And warm. So warm. Right now it is close to freezing temps and raining. The only thing worse than cold weather is cold and rain. Where its just warm enough that the precipitation doesn't freeze. Misery. Absolute Misery. That is what this is. Cold. Wet. Miserable.
And alone really isn't so bad. Sure it would be nice to have my life size teddy bear by my side... but i suppose for now these two dogs will do. They're funny when i leave town for an extended period of time. I have taken 3 two week long trips in the past year. When i return, they are so excited to see me. And the next day when I have to leave for work, they look so sad to watch me drive off. Leaving again so soon. I'm really impressed with a dogs ability to think and the memory they have. And when I return from work, you can tell they are so very excited that I have come back so soon. The memory that before I had gone for so long and now, excited that I'm back. Then again, they are excited that I am home any time i pull into the driveway. The minute i hit the garage door button, they greet me at my car, nearly crawling under the tires and they follow me all the way into the garage, and jump into my lap as soon as I open the door. Its quite endearing. But when I come home after a long trip, for the first few days/week, they are more excited than normal. Begging to be by my side. And I absolutely love it. I love them.  My baby girls.
Still, when it comes to it, IF i have to choose. Between Canis Lupus and Homo Sapien... I choose Rick.  The homo sapien. Every time. Despite that fact that 9 times out of 10, I can get ellie to eat her green vegetables without thinking twice and without making a face.... A dog that eats her veggies. I've raised quite a good girl. But Marley. Marley is another story. Marley is my cute cute mutt, but she also comes with quite the temper and such an attitude.  Marley will be much easier to pawn off on someone else. But still. IF i get to choose them all... I will. Because there's enough room in my heart for all three and then some; and there's always room for more...

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