10 March 2010

Party Time?

I host a party about once or twice a year. I guess a bit more if you count the small deck gathering, fire pits, and after game cookouts. My parties are not that big and they don't get out of control... though that is probably an objective statement.  I have a big deck and I tend to throw a party when the weather is nice. The weather is pretty nice out right now.... But this weekend calls for rain and having 2 dogs and people coming in and out doesn't make for a good party or a clean house, both of which i aspire to. Plus i cancelled my cable TV months ago and if there is a game on (there is) I can't show it. (FYI its always soccer season on FSC) 
So... If i have a party, which i would like to do, it will happen next weekend and not this one. Rick will be too jet lagged to enjoy it anyways and honestly i just want to enjoy my time with him.
I would like for my friends to all meet rick. I think we have dinner plans with my close and personal friend AWS on saturday. I have a soccer game on Sunday at 4pm so my teammates will get to meet him and show off i hope. Hopefully we will get a nice turnout at trivia on Tuesday next week at Hibernian in cary (there's the plug for the Hib  - now sponsor my team)....  He will come to work with me on Tuesday as well and then to meet my therapist. That ought to be interesting.
I especially want him to meet  people so that all of our skeptics (yes they are still out there) can meet the man behind the madness and move on. No seriously. Do i really care what you think? NO. If you don't like my life, then go away. Live your own life. Why should mine matter? Leave me alone.  I don't care what everyone else thinks. Not really. Never really have. You can ask my mom about that one too.  I am happy. So happy. I have never been this happy. Ever. Not that I can recall. Even among 10 state championships, they don't hold a flame to this. Not even close. Sure it was a happy time, but i think back then it was really expected. This was not. Not at all. From the very beginning of my entry into "e-harmony" world. I did not expect this. But now that I have it. I sure am not letting go. So there.
And what else? I don't know. There is a lot going into the next week (or so)... A lot going to happen. 
I guess i better clean my house and get this started. 
Thank goodness for my housekeeper coming on short notice this Friday and promising to be done by 4pm. Nothing like a  clean house to say welcome "home"...  Ellie and Marley got haircuts and baths too. Its really cute. Nothing like a pair of clean dogs to join the welcoming committee. Yeah. I think we're going to have a party of our own this weekend. Just me, the girls, and Rick Beeman... I welcome the rain.... Blockbuster, a bag of popcorn, a bottle of soda, and my three favorite cuddle bears. Life sure doesn't get better than this.... At least not yet

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