08 March 2010

Now all I need to decide...

Is what to WEAR...

I am very excited about next week.  Great news to report. Rick will be here, as i have previously mentioned. And now there is more news to report. Originally he planned to come to the US and had plans already, but those plans fell through. Lucky for me, i still am part of the plan. I am not going to disclose WHAT those plans were or WHY those plans fell through  - because to reward with even the slightest mention apart from this would be quite undeserving. So yeah. There you have it. I said it. It doesn't deserve a mention.

I only have to go to bed four more nights before Rick gets here. This is my way of counting the days. How many more times do i have to go to bed before i wake up and the day for him to be here is finally here?  Its like a child counting down to Christmas. Will Santa be here tonight? No child, not tonight. Ooookayy.. Repeat until the answer is desired. Either way, I'm quite busy, and rick's arrival is not the only great news. Ricks parents are flying in to see us as well. And I was able to put them up in one of "The Leading Hotels of the World." Apparently it is quite nice. I know people that know people that know people. Actually, I can stay there anytime I want, but i have a house 6 miles away from there, so I drive home. Its a little cheaper that way. But its right on my work campus - they actually had to push our security gates back a few hundred yards when the hotel was being built so that workers, builders, and now the guests could get to the hotel without encroaching on our private property.  We have some top secret stuff going on at work. Ask me about it some time. I'm really excited about them staying at "The Umstead" hotel. And I can drop Rick off on my way to work (even though i have to go to the main gate which is sort of out of the way, so i'll probably make him walk hahahah)... only kidding (bring comfy shoes Rick)
So the news is not over. There is more. Not only are Mr. and Mrs. Beeman flying out from California to see Rick and meet me, his older sister Shari is also driving down from Virginia to see us and her parents (note: she just saw them all last week on a cruise so it has not been a long time since they last saw each other) So Shari is coming too. AND the news is still not over. Shari has 4 kids. 2 daughters and 2 sons. Both of her daughters REALLY want to come see Uncle Rick, so they too are coming. How exciting! I know my nephews love seeing me because i'm so much fun so i can imagine how his nieces must feel about him! What a week it is going to turn out to be. It went from a little bit of a change in plans (though not unexpected), to a quiet week alone with Rick, to an ever growing family reunion. And its STILL NOT OVER; No you ask? Well, for starters, Shari's husband is thinking about flying down to have dinner with us on Tuesday night because thats how he rolls. And Thursday night, Rick, Don, and Rita (aka the Beemans) and David, Judy and myself (aka The Sloans) will all be having dinner together at an undisclosed time and place. HOW FUN RIGHT???? Ok, so fun is not quite the word i am looking for, but .... neat-o daddio? lol. whatever. c'est la vie. 
I am very excited to meet his family in person (really wish KristenBM. and LoriSQ. could also be there but...) wait.. Kristen BM... did you see that? I know you're reading this Kris. Do you realize your new last name?? I can't wait to point this one out to Ricky, we are sure to have a good turn at you now. :) So our other sisters can't be there but we're so glad that we get to see all the family we do get to see. AND i know my brother won't be there but not a shocker there. He is 23 and has free will and nobody can tell him what to do, and nobody can manipulate his thoughts either. good for you matt. Keep on keeping on. Let me know how that works out. I digress. i can talk about him for days and days and get nowhere fast. At least not in his graces. One day matty. one day. 
You would think that being home, i would finally get to rest,  but I guess there's always next month. Somehow i don't see this stopping. 
Ricky, hurry up and get here. Hurry up so we can run away together. Run far far away...
Wait, that's another Jenni in another movie, and i think she wanted to fly, so lets stick to the script.
What's my next line?
Oh right.....
"Louis, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship"

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