19 March 2010

No, I'm not pregnant....

So the day many have been waiting for has arrived and passed like a flash of light...  Quick and to the point, Thursday, the 18th of March, Rick and i decided to go ahead and tie the knot for various reasons... mostly money, time, and the lack of desire to go through the stress and guest list. My apologies to those of you that wanted to see a film or production or attend, but this is about Rick and myself and our commitment, and this is how it went down. Straight simple and to the point. We went to the courthouse, invited our parents and had a great day.  Our fathers were our witnesses, and since this time my fathers name is on the license, he looked at us and said, I'm putting my name on this one, You better make it work. And we will. We are in this till the end. We will endure whatever we must, be it 7000 miles of distance between us or other trials that I am fairly certain we will face. It is never easy. People change. People get tired. People grow weary, but you choose to make it work. Its not about focusing on how they can change to make you happier. its how you can change yourself to accept them as they are. And usually when two people have that attitude, it ends up being a pretty fantastic marriage.... Anyways, Rick took me ring shopping last Saturday, the day after he arrived and picked out a pretty fantastic ring. It is absolutely amazing, the diamond is nearly perfect and ranks pretty high on the 4C's scale... and of course the most important is Carat. Lets just say, it doubles the size of the ring I wore in my former life, is nearly colorless, no visible inclusions, and has very good symmetry. Once he mounted it, I was amazed by its sparkle, and the halo of nearly perfect diamonds surrounding it only add to its beauty, for a total of 40 diamonds... 39 of which are cute little perfect baby diamonds. i have a pic from my iphone but its not that focused. I can't do anything about that till i'm home, but i love it and wanted to brag a bit about what he got me so... (btw the pearl ring is still great and will be a great heirloom for my daughter one day if i have a daughter) My mom jokes that i'll have all girls...

Now we are in Texas. Rick had business and we came out to his house to take care of a few things and get out of town for a bit. His house is actually quite impressive. Everything is bigger in Texas and you can't mess with Texas. Right???  I find a lot of things laughable, but nonetheless, I have a lot of family out here and find Texas to be quaint and old fashioned... There are places in Texas that are uncivilized in the best kind of way, and you really feel like you're in an old Western film... Then again there are the other parts that are... not North Carolina.

The party I aluded to on Friday is sort of more than just a party. Its a celebration. If you can make it you can come. Anyone is welcome, unless you are mean spirited. Then you are not welcome. I plan on having this party, but also keep in mind for anyone that comes...  - Its my HUSBANDs last night in town that night, so bear in mind its not a late night party. At least not for guests.

Cheers for now. I think I'm on my honeymoon.

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