23 March 2010

new perspective

So here we are, at my parents house. Finally in my bed. Well, sort of. I get this bed "my bed" as long as my sister and her husband are not here. Usually when i am here, they are too. I wonder how things will work out now that I am married again. I guess I will find out at Christmas this year, if I am even around.

The more time Rick and i spend together, the better we get along. We are learning more and more about each other and it is only bringing us closer together. We both have the same favorite Classical Musician. That is pretty cool. I still have no idea the names of the bands he lists, but i seem to know all the words to most of the songs. Some how. We are very good road trip partners. We made it from Dallas to Birmingham on Monday, and then Tuesday we made it to my parents house, which is only three hours from my own home. We could have made it all the way home, but I really wanted to see my parents and stay here, and rick was ok with that. We had dinner, hung out, shared some fun stories and then they went to bed and so did we, except i'm still awake. That's ok. Rick is sound asleep next to me. Snoring his tired little head off. I dont' mind though. Its actually soothing in a way.  My parents seem to really like him and I think the more they know about him the more they will like him. Mom pointed out that the two of us could lose a little weight. Thanks Mom. I guess i've been on vacation since february, and really since Christmas, so play time is over. Back to the gym for me. It won't be hard to lose. Never is. Lets hope this time isn't any different. I am going to make a wager with Rick on losing weight. I have to think of a good reward for the winner. Maybe the winner gets to stay in their country and the loser has to move to where they are... wait. Do i want to win that race? hmmm. Maybe?

i'd upload some wedding pics but my brother is apparently using up a lot of bandwidth and i can't get much of a chance using this connection. Speaking of my brother.... Nah. Id rather not say too much. For someone who has no interest in talking to me EVER or about my life in general, he sure seems to have an opinion of rick and myself. I don't get it. I am happier now than i have ever been. I don't know why someone thinks i'm being deceived. I know everything about rick even down to his Credit Report, social security number, blood pressure, weight, bank account information etc etc... You can't really lie about those things when you show the tangible evidence. You really just can't. And as far as us getting along and making it work, the thing is, we have no addictions or major hangups that are going to drive a wedge between us. We really don't. We are just two extraordinary people with great goals and dreams, seeing those dreams materialized. We both have pretty fantastic lives, and together, our life is one big adventure. I make him laugh so much and he makes me laugh so much and having fun... that's what it is about. And we are totally able to get serious when we need to. WE communicate everything. Our needs, our fears, our hopes, dreams, expectations, and we are both doing a great job at making it work. The more time we spend together, the better we fit. We are quickly molding ourselves together, effortlessly. It isn't work at all. It is in fact, a great joy. I love him. More now than yesterday, and undoubtedly, more tomorrow than today. He is part of Gods perfect plan for my life. God has great PLANS for us. Not just one plan. Many plans. All we have to do is stay inside his will. Its that easy.

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