27 March 2010

Its the small things that count...

The last two weeks have been somewhat surreal followed by a lot of reality. Here is what i mean. I returned from Bahrain at the end of Feb to begin my work week on March 1st. Rick arrived in the US to see me on the 12th, only 12 days after I came home. By the time I was settled back into a routine, he came along and stirred things up again. The reality struck when he left today. Dropping him off at the airport and coming home to be all by myself sure did rub it in. Rick spent his last 5 days of the trip sick, so i had the added luxury of taking care of him. It wasn't that bad, but it wasn't what i had hoped for. I mean i have to consider that we are pretty much on our honeymoon until we are living together and/or pregnant, whichever comes first.  (uh oh)  No seriously, we don't plan to try to have children until we have been together for a couple of years so that we will have ample time to get to know each other, but unless you practice abstinence (which we sort of are anytime we're not visiting ) - there is no foolproof plan. Ricky was actually quite the trooper while he was sick and feverish, and was really trying hard to act like he felt ok even though i could tell it was wearing him down. When i get sick i'm like the biggest baby in the entire world. Ask my mom. I am a mess.  Fortunately for Rick, he now has the best health care coverage that money can buy. Timing couldn't have been better. His prescriptions were a fraction of his normal cost, and he had a free dental visit and cleaning as well as a free eye exam. So far everything indicates he is in great health and nothing to worry about. Good. I need to keep him around for years and years to come.

Now it is the 27th of March, and I am alone again. This time is much harder than the last, because now we are married. I told Rick that next time he comes I don't think i will be able to let him leave without me, but i'm not sure if that is really true.  I am working on moving out to the Middle East, but presently I have some things to tend to such as my degree. Plus I have my dogs and I'm still not sure what to do about them. Really there are a billion things I need to address, but in due time I will be able to sort out all of these things.

My husband wrote a month or two back about how i track my blog. I can see who is viewing the blog, at what time, how many times they come back. No i cannot see your name, but, for instance, I have one friend in Graham NC, so I am fairly certain when the ISP address comes back from Graham, NC, that it is my friend Lara reading my blog. The same is true for my friend Erin in Georgia. Also a high school friend that lives in Russia.  Now I am definitely not saying this to discourage anyone from reading, in fact, I LOVE it when my friends read my blog. I am horrible about making phone calls and writing letters/emails and such so it is easy for me to write in this blog and share the link with others.  So I'm glad to know that there are people out there reading my blog and i appreciate those of you who are driving up my statistics. I only started sharing my blog in January, and I have had over 3000 hits. Of course, I read my friends blogs that keep them and am really disappointed when they quit writing them so i totally understand the drive to read someones blog. I really enjoy  looking at the pictures, so i'll try to post more pics. I am sure that means a lot to everyone.

I hope to my friends and family this is enjoyable to read. I know that once i move overseas, this will be somewhat important for me to maintain, at least weekly so that you can keep up with me as a phone call really isnt as easy as it is right now. As for now, this is basically me writing a journal for all to see, except i am totally leaving out the juicy parts. I wish i could dish but i don't know if it would be appropriate to talk about my husband in that way for the world to see. Lets just say that I am a very happy and satisfied woman and have absolutely nothing to complain about. You can read into that any way you want... But here is an example to get your heads out of the gutter. After dropping rick off at the airport, i returned home and he sent me a text message and told me that he had a small surprise for me if i could follow the clues. So he texted me a few clues and i finally figured it out... He left me a card (IN MY FREEZER!!). He hates writing by hand and prefers to type but he went out of his way to write me the sweetest card so that I would have that to hang onto when he left. These are the small things that really count. Or the foot rubs, neck rubs, back rubs that I get for no reason. The door is always being opened for me. He walked the dogs for me while i was at work so they would be tired and we could have better time together. The trash was always taken out AND the bag was replaced with a new one every time. Little things like that really rock my world! The dogs are presently wrestling and looking for Rick. They keep running upstairs and then back down with a sad look on their faces. They really like their new daddy a lot. And yes. He is their daddy because unlike children, dogs don't split time between parents. And my dogs are my dogs and now they have a dad. They are very happy about that! so very happy.

I am going to have to really stay focused over the next few months and get back on task with my dissertation. I did such a great job prior to leaving for Bahrain, but have not done a thing since. Now i have taxes to file for both myself and my husband, a car to sell (and an even uglier one to drive - ha ha ha - ok its not that bad but i'm like trading a box on wheels that can go over anything for a box on wheels with tiny racing wheels..), a house to fix up a bit and now its lawn mowing season coming (crap i hate that part). Ricky asked me who mowed my lawn. Um, me duh!. Its so cute how he wants to take care of me and not want me to do anything like that. too bad. I have to do it.

Super Cool Jeep Wrangler i drive with cute baby inside

Not as super cool Scion XB that I will be driving now 

And the one other really endearing thing that I know will drive me nuts one day into the future is that when you ask Rick if he did something and he hasn't, his reply is Mostly. For example: Rick, did you remember to take your clothes out of the laundry basket and pack them. "mostly"....   But for now, it really makes me smile. I sure do miss him already. These next few months are certainly going to be tough. But then again, how to make a marriage always feel like a honeymoon? Live on two different continents. That way every time we see each other its like being reunited all over again. I think it would help if we knew the date for our next time together. Then at least there is a light at the end of this dark tunnel. But until then. We always have skype.


  1. I'm sooooo happy for you...and thanks for the shout out! We need to get together before I move to Texas and you move to the middle east. I miss you!

  2. yes erin definitely!!
    And i so knew it was you. I am pretty good at knowing who my readers are. I make a great secret agent, oh wait. did i just blow my cover?