05 March 2010

Can it get any better?

Ok. Call me simple. Call me easy to please. Call me whatever you want. But I am soo excited right now. I just received a package in the mail from Rick. What did he send me? Flowers? no. Jewelry? no. Candy? no.


my neighbor Julie has it. She is this great girl and i played it with her right after New Years. I was the "can you beat this level for us?" girl.... ok. No problem. I'm quite the video geek. Well, not every console and not every type of game (i.e. sports except for wii sports) BUT i am great at nintendo products. Always have been. Probably because its for kids like me.

You see. I have been playing Nintendo since the early 1980s. I actually still have my original console. We got it in 1986 for Christmas. I also got a kid sister (the doll). The same year we got a VCR. I also got a baby brother the following March. People were confused because I asked for a Kid Sister doll and they thought i wanted a baby sister. No stupid. I want a doll. I already have a sister. Give me a brother any day. I'll let you know how that turned out later. I still have the doll too. She's sort of creepy looking now, but can you still hear the song? "kid sister, kid sister, wherever i go, she's gonna go, kid sister, kid sister... kid sister and me"
My nintendo was so old it came with the following THREE games on THREE separate cartridges. MARIO BROTHERS (not to be confused with super mario), GYROMITE (and the R.O. B. robot)  and of course DUCK HUNT: 


Early on my video gaming began. I would go to my friends houses and play for hours. My friends were mostly boys. Not many of the girls could hold enough interest in video games to last with me. My fingers would get so sore, sure but who cared. My dad would play at night when we were in bed. He loved playing Metriod. We got him Metroid and Kid Icarus for his birthday one year. I guess it was February 1987. I remember mom getting the gifts. She put them in the Jelly Cupboard which was right by the Great Room. That was silly. I opened up Kid Icarus and played until just before she got home, then i would put it back. I had to test it out before dad's birthday, and frankly, I couldn't wait. I think i finally got caught, but who cared, IT WAS AWESOME!! And mom was pregnant so what was she going to do? She was busy nesting or something. Who knows. I'll relate better once i go through the same. And what is better than a woman who can play video games (and enjoys it), eat whatever i please and ENJOY it,  play sports (well), AND can rock a dress and hang with the bluest of bloods... I guess i'm tooting my own horn here but i feel pretty AMAZING and i have Rick to thank for that!

The point i am making here is, Rick hit a really good nerve here, and he will be lucky if 
1. he gets to talk to me this weekend at all.
2. he gets to see me away from the Wii next week when he gets here, and 
3. I'm sorry, i'm busy about to play Wii. I can't write any longer. Peace out! 
This is going to be AWESOME!!!!!!

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