29 March 2010

The 5 month countdown begins....

What you say? 5 more months?
Until I move to the Middle East? No
Until I finish my degree? Nope. Hopefully I'm done by then.
Until I go on a Hawaiian vacation with the inlaws... Nope. That's not for 6 months
Then what???

Ok, i'm being annoying i know. The END OF MY 20's as i know it!!!
In exactly 5 months I will be 30 years old! woo hoo. I am so excited. I love my birthday in every possible way. The in-laws have already invited us to Hawaii in September, so I suppose that is how i will be celebrating, but how wonderful will it be to be living with my lover by then! What a wonderful birthday that would be! Yes i said LOVER. He is my LOVER. Your husband is supposed to be your lover. Of course, many choose to have a husband AND a lover, but those people are FOOLS. FOOLS i tell you. Infidelity is stupid and quite selfish. Don't get married if you can't keep it to yourself. And don't get married if you are incapable of sharing yourself with your spouse. It works both ways. There are some frigid people out there. 
Back to me... I am so excited about being 30. It makes me feel so grown up.. Even if Rick and I will always be separated by a decade and some change, I feel a bit closer to him. And there is a wonderful thing about being married to an older man. Trust me I know. I have had it both ways. He is more in tune to my wants and needs. He is chivalrous. He is open to criticism without pouting like a little boy. Takes direction well. He is really interested in what i want and need ALWAYS putting me first. And he makes me feel so safe. I totally trust him with everything and will go and and do whatever he asks of me. Of course I also know he will not take advantage of this... But maybe that is not an age factor, Maybe it is a rick-factor. Maybe it is just who he is and i lucked out. To feel like the prettiest girl on the planet. The sexiest girl on the planet. etc etc... THAT has merit far worth anything i've ever seen. Even if I have gained a few (ahem) pounds since we got engaged, i've been on the road so much and i'm so glad to be home and trying to get life settled. But enough is enough. i always said i'd never gain the weight back that i lost the first time around. I suppose the upside to this is that I am presently the same size I was when i entered college, so i'm not all that big. Actually 17 yr old me was a good size. But nonetheless i gained a little weight. I let it happen because I was enjoying the moment, the "honeymoon" so to speak. Fortunately I don't drink alcohol so that will not be an issue. 
Did you know: Alcohol consumption on a daily basis will stop or slow weight loss results. The drawbacks of drinking far outweigh any health benefits. Despite the fact that less than 5 percent of the alcohol calories you drink are turned into fat, the main effect that alcohol has upon the body, is that it limits the amount of fat your body burns for energy. Your liver cannot metabolize alcohol and fat simultaneously, so it will always get rid of the toxic substance first. And alcohol can take days to get out of your system, depending on the number of drinks you have. This is why you almost always see heavy drinkers as overweight. Or sickenly skinny and unhealthy because they no longer eat food.  I have watched people exercise and exercise and wonder why those last 10 lbs just wouldn't let go. I myself have worked out diligently and stuck to a super strict diet, but until I eliminated the alcohol, the results were minimal. Of course, I have a drink here and there, but very few and far between now days. I don't need it. And knowing the impact it has upon the body, i'm much wiser to abstain. Knowledge is a powerful thing. Did you also know that alcoholics have broken blood vessels around the edge of their nose? some say this is a myth, but I have seen a lot of alcoholics with broken veins around the edges of the nostrils... coincidence? I think not.

So a few of my friends and I are going to challenge each other. We all have the same end goal for our weight, but we are all coming from three different starting points. I have the most to lose BUT having said that, I'm also really good at dropping the first 5 or so pretty quickly, then 10 more to go. Plus we are all about 5 pounds apart from each other with the same goal, so i'm not like the designated chunker. Not this time anyways... 

I was reading my friend Kristin's blog yesterday and she talked about a website caloriecount.com that my friend Davy also used when he realized his weight was a bit high (tee hee). So i decided to use this to help me keep track of what i'm eating. My major problem is that i eat all of my calories and more between 6pm and 10pm or later. I eat little all day then come home and binge because i'm so starving. BUT, the thing that Kris stated that I have known and mostly practiced for the past 10 years, You have to eat to live rather than live to eat. You cannot deny yourself the simple pleasures such as chocolate or icecream or whatever your Achilles heel may be, or you will eventually cave and eat the entire box/bag/bar/carton and then hate yourself for it. Rather you must, as in all things, practice self control. Don't let food be lord of your life. Don't let your weight lord over you either. Rather strive for improvement.  I have no problem eating healthy food. I actually love salad and raw vegetables, so i hopefully won't have too much difficulty.  
Unfortunately I hate working out. Not in the traditional sense. I need competition. I need the fight. So my friends and I have decided that we will have sort of a challenge between ourselves. I don't think we'll have a prize, nor will we have a loser, but we will have a great time encouraging each other towards our goal. And we have plenty of soccer games left to do it. I play every sunday and wednesday. I can do Pilates and Spinning on Thursday. Swimming on Tuesday. That leaves Monday, Friday and Saturday to figure out something to do. I suppose I will take Monday and Saturdays off since I will need a few days of rest and prefer to work out 5 days a week. Fridays I can walk my dogs and maybe swim. Then again, I also have the wii fitness plus which Ricky bought me on our wedding day. He also bought me UP and Aladdin and something about Arabia. Lawerence  maybe. Its a super old film. I haven't watched it yet because when we raided his home in Texas, I raided his movies and now am the proud owner of The Simpsons Season2-10. I am also the proud owner of Robot Chicken Season 1-4. RC is sooooooooooooooo funny. Not recommended for children under the age of 18. Sorry kiddos.
Ok, I rambled. Like i said. This is my journal. Not always dirt. Plus my husband called me mid-blog to "chat" for a few minutes in the middle of his sleeping (it was 345 am there), so i was distracted and the flow is off.
I hope to track great progress with a goal date of May 28th. Only two months, but I plan to fly out to Bahrain for a week or two, so looking my best is certainly good motivation. See? There is a positive side to living 7000 miles apart. I get to surprise him with a new and improved body. Trust me, He is going to LOVE it.
Until next time - Jennifer Beeman
(i just HAD to say that!)

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