02 February 2010

Watch out for that PLANK!!!

Matthew 7-  is a great book of the bible for anyone, believers or not.
- DO NOT judge lest ye be judged!
- Why do you point out the speck of dust in your brothers eye, when you yourself are dealing with a plank in your own?
- Seek and you will find.
- A good tree bears good fruit, you will know it is good by its fruit.
- Build your house on the Sand and you are looking for an adventure to the bottom of the sea

Call me a sinner as much as you like, but show me your blamelessness and I shall listen with fear. He who is without sin - he is dead and has stopped breathing. We sin just as we breathe.
If you can really see all that i'm doing wrong through that spear stuck in your eye, then you really do have great vision. Well done.
WE may act like a tree, we may talk like a tree, but when our fruit is nasty, and nobody likes us, we might as well be firewood. Good fruit is like love and kindness. Just because you pour on the sugar, doesn't mean the substance is any good. It just means the sugar is working. It will fade. Be weary.
my statemnets above refer to the colourful commentary that ricks blog received tonight. It was very entertaining. Ricks blog basically talked about the Improv show he directs and the upcoming one for tomorrow night. It was funny to read about and I am anxious to watch.. Tomorrow is the next to last show. The very LAST show will be while i'm out there for my visit! Here is the newspaper clip and weblink


His comments were something like this: An "anonymous" post followed by another "anonymous" post from one of ricks friends in Bahrain, and then i commented (b/c i couldn't resist) and then one more anonymous. I think I have discerned all but the second commenter who i hope to meet soon... I'm so glad that my ex husband doesn't know about my blog. He does know that I have met "the one" and that I am planning to relocate ASAP, but that was more for my sake than his. I think somewhere in his head, despite the fact that hes had the same girlfriend that he had the second I kicked him out of my house, I'm still the one he chooses. He makes it clear every few weeks with his text messages. Especially the last one i got, which I hope to be the very last. If my boyfriend sent a message like that to his ex wife, i would tell him to get lost. If my ex's girl knew the things he said to me, she would probably run, but vengeance is God's not mine. Rick wouldn't do that though. He has moved on. He called me (in not so many words) an upgrade to SUPER FIRST CLASS with ALL VIP ACCESS!; seriously. I believe it too. I'm pretty great. Not because i'm conceited or all about myself. I am not. BUT i am confident in the talent and abilities that God has given to me. I am blessed. I am blessed beyond all measure. And now finally, a man to not only appreciate me for all of me and all I have to offer, but a man that will in return, offer me just as much if not more. HE is pretty freaking great.... The events of the next few months will be enough to overwhelm even the most impulsive reader. I hope you stay posted. Sometime by 11th Feb in the afternoon EST, i will be sure to post a wonderful pic of ricky and myself, together at last. 8 days will not past quickly enough. Thanks for reading.

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