08 February 2010

T minus 2..

I think i am losing my mind. I leave in 2 days!!!!! I have worked so hard in the past month. harder than I can say that i have worked in quite some time. Especially on my dissertation. I'm not sure that my proposal will be completely complete by the time I leave on Wednesday, but lets hope for my sake it is, because the amount of papers I will need to bring on the plane to support the completion in time for my arrival would be quite burdensome. But I think I can do it. I will at least get that part out of the way so perhaps my trip will consist of organizing and sorting my work cited bit. Ooomph. I don't want to think about it. Oh, and on top of everything, snow is supposed to hit NYC bigtime by Wednesday. Please let me get to LHR to BAH. please please

I'm blogging from work right now. Why? Because I am eating lunch at my desk and felt like getting this out of the way. I have made countless lists of what needs to get done. The biggest deal is making sure I have my bills paid and my dogs tended to. That's really it. The rest is minor. Repacking my bag and making sure i remember all the hundreds of things that Rick has sent my way via AMAZON.com to bring. There's a plug for Amazon. It is great being a Prime member. It gives me free 2 day shipping for a flat rate each year. I love it. Of course I'm really good at shopping online. I hate crowds of people and navigating through them. Yesterday I did go to the mall. It was nice and empty, I actually never left the department store. There were so many sales. Even the things I thought were full price were on sale. Score one for me. This is why I avoid the mall. I am really good at shopping. 2 sweaters, a few odds and ends, and some jewelry, and i was done. I spent under $75 and I got some really great stuff.  I think I spent a total of 1.5 hours in there. I hate trying things on. Free shipping saves that effort. I will say, I probably do more damage shopping on amazon, zappos, and overstock because I can point, click and be done. And I don't even have to sign or feel the remorse as I walk out of the store with loads of stuff because there are no physical receipts, and if i close the browser quickly enough, its almost like it never happened. And then 2 days later (sometimes just one) I get presents delievered to me. The dress I purchased for the ball for instance. Rather than trying on dresses at the store, or wearing my classic formal black dress (from 1996), see? (i am 15 yrs old here- almost half my life ago)
 I went to a few websites, I looked at a dress, loved it, ordered it. It fits. Done. Well, i DO have to wear 5" heels to keep it off the floor, but hey? who cares? i love my heels! and it saved me the trouble of putting dresses on and off, etc etc... Once, I was trying on dresses, and I got stuck. Like literally, trying to pull this dress off it got stuck and i was really scared I was going to have to rip it off. This might have happened to me more than once. How it went on i have no idea, but the dress did NOT want to come off. I swear I was sweating in the florescent lamps of the dressing room bartering with God to just please let me get the darn thing off. I guess that is what you get for still shopping in the juniors department well into my 20's. Ok I admit, i still shop in the Juniors department, but can you blame me? I'm the same size now as I was in high school (smaller than college) and trendy and cheap are the name of the game. I don't skimp on the staples though. Nice jeans, nice shoes, nice dresses. Oh how i do love dresses, I think i've packed at least 7 or 8 dresses for my trip. Anyone that knew me a long time ago would know i used to hate the things. i would wear shorts underneath because i hated them so much. They really restricted me from being able to play, climb trees, get dirty, etc... I still climb trees and play, but just not typically while wearing a dress, though there was this one time this past summer, i think i was in a skirt and... nevermind.

So back to packing. I packed already, but now i will have to unpack, lay everything out,  eliminate half of the stuff, add about 25% more, and then i'm done. This is my process. This is how i pack. I pack. I unpack. I pack. It works.
Oh a few more pics to add: See? it grows super super fast!!!
Here are pics of my hair xmas08 and 09 (oh i must admit every year right before xmas i do dye my hair red, for like $5, but it washes out eventually and back to blonde i go.) -yes, i'm a goofball! i WILL steal the show if i can. why don't you try to stop me?

Oh, and i'm super excited about my trip. Hopefully my mind doesn't' change before Wednesday, or i'll just stay home... haha big smiles here. I'm just trying to test the durability of Ricks heart.He sure doesn't like my jokes one bit. Aint i a stinker?


  1. love you Jenni.....I liked your hair both ways....you look darling....I'm counting the days too.......I'm excited for two people to be really happy. I can tell already, You're the best of the rest (poem)?

  2. forgot to say Hayward here, but I know you already know that

  3. the BESTEST BEST??? I think these two people already are really happy. i'm going to collapse from exhaustion once i get to Bahrain, but then again, who cares... I will have someone to catch me. I think that settles it, i WILL collapse, and then just make him carry me. AND my luggage. :)