17 February 2010

Page 3 news!!!

So we had the interview with Gulf Weekly news.
I think the reporter did a fabulous job writing this article. "True love clicks"... And it was on page three which was quite an honor. I can't believe what a fuss is being made over us, but then again, i am so excited and in love. It all seems so natural to me. This seems natural. I really believe I was made for him and he for me. IT is quite amazing really. And how comfortable we are with one another. i am so comfortable and at ease with Rick. He is taking such good care of me, and you can tell it is this natural kind of care, not like the kind where he's trying to impress me and it will soon wear off - you can usually spot the impostors and the ones that are just trying b/c it doesn't feel natural and it tries too hard. I can tell it is genuine. And he lavishes me with such great love. He takes care of me. He is kind, compassionate, loving. He is the person that when he says, I just want to make you happy, you can tell he really means it. And i am -SOOOO happy.

I also got pics from the ball today. These are now my favorites of Rick and myself. It is amazing how many photographs have been taken of us. like five hundred. Really, such a fuss.

I'm excited about the next few days. We are going to work all afternoon, then we will go home from work and relax and pack. Comedy show tonight. I am excited to see it. I have met a lot of the comedians, and I am really looking forward to seeing Rick direct, and watching them act because they are really so funny.

And then.... tomorrow! I am so excited for tomorrow i can't stand it. We are going to Dubai. Just rick and myself. We are staying in a luxury resort, and we are going to be alone! NO more itinerary for us. Just rick. myself, and a beach! i love the beach. especially when it was so very cold when i left home. If neither of us blog for the next three days, don't worry for us. We are just busy shutting out the world.

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