03 February 2010

Nobody's Watching

When you think nobody is watching you, it is easy to do things you might not normally do. You compromise. You negotiate with yourself. You wager. You make deals. Just this once you might say. We all struggle with something. Be it looking at certain websites, partaking in certain activities, using certain language, eating things we shouldn't, drinking things we shouldn't, using our bodies as pure wastelands, running red lights because nobody is around, speeding because the roads are vacant, taking a piece of candy from the bin because its just one and nobody will notice, sampling the grapes you have in your cart even though you are to pay per pound, the list goes on. We all have sinful nature, we all have hangups... We all do things when we think no one is watching. I myself am guilty of being imperfect. I am. Surprised? I didn't think so.

But what if someone WAS watching you? What if someone IS making a record of every action, every move you make, every time you go to places you shouldn't go?

Imagine the way you feel when you suddenly see blue lights flashing in your rear view mirror... Most of the time, you know already what you have done wrong... You will feel the blood rush to your head, your stomach  will jump into your throat and you will slip into panic mode and the next things you do and say will be the judge of your character. Do you quickly admit to your wrong doing and seek forgiveness? Do you yell and scream and take it out on everyone around you? Do you deny that you have done anything at all and claim that everyone around you is a big liar? Do you cry and plead and beg that you will never do it again? Will you try to point out that what I have done is indespicable and that you are much better than me, thus turning the spot light away from yourself and onto anyone and anything that you can? Will you admit to what you have clearly been caught doing? Or will you continue to vehemently deny it? What if there was no way you could justify what you did? You can't talk your way out of it. You are just plain caught. Red Handed. What if someone has been watching you all along? Its not about what they have done, it is not about the dust in their eye anymore, it is about the plank in yours. Can you even see the plank? Or have you grown so accustomed to it that it is part of you. Your sin, is part of you, and you have convinced yourself that you are normal, that you have done nothing wrong. That the rest of the world is at fault, and you yourself are to remain blameless. Everyone around you has been fooled, but what if we show them the tape? What if we show them the photographs? What if we show them the hidden camera footage? Will you still try to weasel your way out of it with your charm and deceit? How can you argue infallible truth?

Will you continue to deny it? Will you continue to justify? Will you continue to act? Or will you finally give it up? Will you finally let it go? Will you find that NOW is the time to MOVE ON? Because you are in a corner. You are stuck. And there is noone to blame but you. You alone. No one made you do it. You did it. You control you. I control me. Get it? I will make that point time and time again. The only way out is through the Truth, and the Truth shall set you free. Will you take it? Or will you continue to hide? It's your move. Its no longer about everyone else. This is about you. It is all about you. Isn't that just what you wanted?

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