15 February 2010

Who needs sleep?

My last few days have been pretty intense, and I'm excited to leave this town and go on vacation to Dubai. Not because I don't like it here in Bahrain. I actually really do. I love it here and it does quite feel like home, I think the jatlag has set in and i've met so many people and I think i remember about half the names. But it has been meeting after meeting and i'm ready for a little break.

Here has been my adventure so far....

I arrived on Thursday. Rick proposed immediately - first words out of his mouth (i guess I have that effect on men)

Friday morning Rick took me to church b/c that is church day here, then to brunch at the Ritz with ricks friend darren., which was quite nice, then we went to the sea which was very beautiful, and then i took a nap. I had about 3 hours of sleep in about 48 by that point so i was TIRED. Then to the ball. The Palm Association Ball. You can probably google information about it. It was a good time. Our first real date. i think the highlight for me was watching the video that Rick made for it. I'm not really an expert, but I think he had a very good vision for the whole thing. It definitely evoked emotion in me, it was very moving and you could tell from the reaction around and the applause, that it was quite well received. I couldn't stop smiling because I knew he made it and I was proud, so very proud...

Saturday, I got another three hours of sleep because we stayed up late talking and laughing after the ball, and then I just woke up about 3-4 hours later. I was just too excited to sleep. There was a sandstorm when I woke up and it was pretty neat to see... Then breakfast with yet another friend, a video production by the Arabites, quite a funny and talented group of men. I got to have a small part - ha ha. And then home to nap but never really slept. Then to the mall for dinner. Then I had hit yet another wall as the jet lag began to set in and started getting quite fussy so we went home and watched some movie that rick was dying to see. It was funnier at the second halfl to the end, but he had asked me to purchase it for him and bring it to bahrain so i did.. WE talked to my parents and to his so that all went well for the most part.

Sunday was Valentines day. We went to breakfast then to work. Then to the grocery store. I made a lasagna for the  group coming to Ricks home Monday night, then we went out to trivia. It wasn't all that romantic - his friends pointed out BUT the fish and chips were great, and as I pointed out to them, Rick flew me all the way to Bahrain. How much more romantic can you get than proposing on the spot first time you meet me in person?? And then going  to church, the Ritz, and then the Palm Association Ball. (still waiting on a pic, it was fabulous!)

Anyways i'm happy, AND there is an interview for the Gulf Weekly that is read by everyone here and that is going to be great. The feature article that i'm referring to is the story of rick and myself ;) MOre to come.

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