11 February 2010

Bahrain! Im home...

I am here in Bahrain. What  I will call home for the next few weeks... for now.

There are great things happening and while I will blog about it these things later. I just wanted to say that I am here, safely, and totally protected. I have NEVER felt so emotionally and physically safe in my life. I was greeted at the airport with the most handsome man i have EVER SEEN and handed the most beautiful bouquet of all of my favorite flowers. There are pictures to post as well, and an amazing story to follow, but I have the rest of my life to write it, so we will just have to wait.

The real deal is wayyy better than the skype deal. I can't begin to express my visual pleasure.  Rick is so much the man I thought he was going to be and then so much more. He is much better looking in person, and I think he is just as thrilled as I am that I am here. Maybe even more so. He has probably thanked me about 10 times for coming out here, but for love, i'd go anywhere. That is anywhere he goes.
He doesn't stink at all, in fact he smells wonderful and I absolutely love him and while there are more things to report. I am being quite vague for now because it is Friday morning in Bahrain... Thursday was one big blur of a day of travel, as was wednesday. I'm tired from the travel and a little sore, so I plan to take it easy and see where the weekend takes me.

I am so very happy... But for now, I must get ready for church since Friday is like Sunday in that aspect. Then to brunch, then some stuff... then the ball.

pics to follow soon. Perhaps tonight. By sunday for sure.

My weekend itinerary has become quite busy with so many people looking to meet yours truely. Say hi to my girls for me. I sure do miss them

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