23 February 2010

Back in Bahrain

Our vacation in Dubai was amazing. We had such a wonderful time on the beach and at the water parks.
I want to write more and eventually I will, but i'm just recovering from it all. The sun really drained me and while i didn't really get too sunburnt (especially considering I had on zero sunscreen), i am a bit bronzed and zapped but i will survive. somehow.  We stayed at the Atlantis Resort on the Palm. If you are familiar with Dubai, you know what I'm talking about. The man-made palm island. The resort is at the tip. It was absolutely wonderful.

I am starting to realize my time here is almost over. Rick and I have a lot to figure out. Mostly I do, but we are a team and we will figure it out together. My house, my dogs, my job and my degree are all things that i cannot just irresponsibly leave behind. I have to tend to them. I wish to rent my home, and keep the three latter items. I love my dogs and I believe that the only way I'm going to be able to get back on the plane on Sunday morning is because I know they are at home waiting for me. Anxiously. Eagerly. And I miss them.They are in good hands, but i won't just give them away and Rick knows that. So we are praying that we will figure out a way to keep them here. Wherever here may be. We have looked at a few apartments out here, but i'm not ready for that. We are trying to focus on each other and the little time we have left. We are not sure how long until we see one another again and we are not sure if i will be coming to visit or to stay next time i come. There are tons of details to work out, but it will all work out. We trust that. And we have each other. We can do anything together. We know it.

I joke that he is going to have to come to the US and get me, that i will not be able to leave so easily. I envision him coming to my home, club in hand, so he can clobber me over the head and drag me by my pony tail. I, of course, would oblige.
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