09 February 2010

Around the butt to get to my love

Today was the craziest day I have had in quite some time. To think yesterday was a challenge, but no, today, today took the cake.  Tomorrow i will just get to sleep and sleep and sleep some more. That is all that I will do. I will fly and I will sleep. I will be so happy to just sit and sleep. I will probably stay up all night working, but that is fine. I have to attend trivia at 10pm. My fans await me and I do not wish to disappoint.

After trivia, back to the home i go, and i will work and work some more.
My flight got cancelled.  I was anticipating this to happen as you can see in my blog yesterday at lunchtime. Yes. I knew this would happen. Storms do not lie, and they do not disappoint. Well, that remains to been seen. Nonetheless, we sorted it out. Now I get to fly to Dallas, then to LHR, then to Bahrain. What a flight it will be. My mani/pedi will have to wait for me in Dallas Airport, but i do not mind.. I will be unable to get it today. What am i thinking? its 8pm and i'm exhausted... And i'm sure the salon is closed. It is ALL GOOD>

i have been quite anxious and nervous and sort of hesitant about my voyage. This is the honest truth. Nothing changed, i just suddenly became weary.  Unsure. Doubtful. I went to therapy and laughed at how ridiculous my situation was. I met an older divorced father on the internet who lives in the middle east and I then fell in love and now i'm going to meet him and i was nervous as i have ever been... It all seemed so crazy.  but i said WAS. That has all changed. I am now confident and certain and hopeful and excited more than before and sooo in love.
It was crazy how it all worked. I think the stress of flying out of JFK... and then i fixed the flight by calling and being nice... which is strange. Normally i am so not nice to customer service, but even though i was quite bossy, and demanding, I made her feel nice. I said. Look, I really need to get to Bahrain on my scheduled flight and anywhere in the NorthEast is completely out of the question. I need to fly south and west because there is NO way that if NYC is cancelled more than 24 hours prior to the flight, that the delays in Chicago or Boston will be any better, the storm is there, the snow is piled up and the delays are inevitable. Why would you try to send me to an airport to get stuck when you've already saved me the trouble of being stranded at JFK?  I know you can do it. I know you can find a way. There must be a way. Can you please help me? Can you please find a way? (The person before had mentioned to Rick both Chicago and Boston, so i saved her the trouble of looking, Rick tried to get Dallas, but they said it was basically blacked out since he used his airline miles to book my flight)
SO.... She said, I think i can get you from Dallas, let me check with my supervisor (since it was mileage booked). I was IM'ing with Rick at the same time and told him. He said, oh, they will say no. they arleady did me and i say
Rick. Pray and Pray hard. You can ask the same question three times and get three different answers. I meant two, but i said three.
So Jackie came back and said... OK! You're booked!
I said WHAT?!?!? Are you serious?
Absolutely! Here are the details
And then i shocked her with my response! "I absolutely love you! You are awesome thank you so much, i'm crying right now because I am so happy. You are wonderful. Thank you for your patience and I'm sorry if I was rude or anything, i am just so overwhelmed"
jackie: "I have never had such a response in my entire life! Thank you so much." (she must be from the north b/c in the south we love everyone, we are all about some free love!!) No problem, she said You were fine. You are just trying to get there. You were not rude."
I then proceeded to see how i could give her praise to her boss and she directed me to the place.

Today was a roller coaster of emotion
And I'm so happy and good anxious.
even if i do have to go around my butt to get to my love...
Or is it my elbow?
Either way, he is so worth it.

I guess next time you hear from me i'll be a third of the way around the world :)

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  1. Have a safe trip. I'm glad you are following what makes you happy. I hope it all works out and you enjoy Bahrain to the fullest. This guy doesn't know how lucky he has it or maybe he does hahahaha