26 January 2010

Worlds Coincide

This is especially for my skeptics........
I've already blogged today but i felt inspired to write another one
This story is quite compelling.... And amazing at the same time. Read on.

I just got off the phone with my mother because i vented again about lady. Clearly lady did get to me despite my failure to acknowledge it. We are facing a lot of skeptics, Rick and I. And while I was telling my mother the story, she had the same doubt (who up till now has been on my team).
What if this lady is right? What if this is a scam Jennifer?
Mom. Think about how ridiculous this sounds. What would he have to gain? I am not rich. I might have to leave my job, so there is 0% money there. I have absolutely nothing to offer other than my love (which btw, is quite abundant) So ok, he would gain one thing. My love and affections. Which might be enough, but come on. Really? Here is how the remainder of the conversation went.. First i vented. Then mom says her bit about the scam. Ok mom, so his parents that i've talked to, they are what? actors? yes, they could be. ok mom, so his sister, she too is an actress? maybe so. And what about his work website, his magazine article, his newspaper articles, and the websites and facebook friends... what about them? Did he scam 1000 people into being his friend in order to win over this no-name woman in North Carolina??? How does LOGIC ring into that? (and this is the best part) Oh mom, that reminds me. I don't know why i didn't think of this last week, but nonetheless, here it goes..... Hold your breath, Wait for it....

Robert is a guy i went to high school with, lived in B.Park. We did Young Life together. I was more friends with Jim his twin, but not the point. A man that is friends with Rick, his name is John. Well John requested to be my friend on FB. Well it turns out, John worked with Robert. So Robert can validate who John is, and John sent me this wonderful email telling me how happy he is for Rick and myself and that I have found quite a jewel (and that if he could, he would marry rick for himself... thank goodness he is just being funny) Mom, i get it. You are nervous about this and this is not how dating went when you were dating dad, 40+ years ago i might add. I realize you are all looking out for my best interest, and just worried about me, but i'm not a fool. Why would rick profess his love for the world to see? He sure is running quite the scam, don't you think? How did he ever get Robert to comply with this evil twisted scheme? He must be quite clever don't you think??? And if he is that clever, to run such a scam to get this simple girl that has nothing to offer but her love... Then he deserves to win because HE IS GOOD!!
Let me recap:
So john validated Rick. Robert validates John, and i validate Robert.

Just when you didn't think it would get any better... Our two worlds just collided.

I think this is where i say something like BAM!!!!!!!

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