28 January 2010

Sacrificing a Lifelong Love (so not what you think)

One of the joys in my life comes with playing sports... specifically soccer. I formed a womens soccer team last year, and while we only finished third in our first season, we finished first in our second season, won a tournament, and finished second in the state cup, which we easily could have won. Bluntly speaking, the games in our regular season, were mostly not that close. I feel as though I accomplished quite a feat in that aspect, by forming a competitive womens soccer team from scratch, and while it might be hard elsewhere in the US, this part of NC is known for its soccer. My team is the youngest in the league, and I have the honor to represent quite a bunch of talented ladies. Its a lot of work though. The first season I went out of pocket to get jerseys, and to front the money for the team fees. A lot of which was not recouped. But that was my choice. I knew that in order to get started, I would have to shell out some cash, and in all honesty, I can afford it. Though I do prefer the ladies to pay up.

It has been quite a joy to be the captain of this team. I have formed so many life long friendships through this team, and have been the facilitator of the same sort of friendships amongst the team. These girls are quite close to each other and I really am grateful that I was able to be a part of it all. My team fee for this upcoming season is due Monday. $800 for the team fee. And we owe another $600 in referee fees. This is quite a lot of money to some of the girls. More or less it works out to about $80 a girl because I was awarded $150 for my representation of the Womens Division on the league Board. This money was supposed to go to my personal team fees, but instead I used it to reduce the cost for my teammates since they are quite reluctant each season to shell out the cash. I am grateful to do it, and lets be honest. Being on the board just means that I had to grow up a bit, and now I have a voice. I am more mature on the field so all in all, it has been a great experience. I don't know what i will do with out soccer. It has really been a major part of my life for so long and I know i could still play for years to come, but as long as I have a ball to kick and a net to stop it from rolling away, I think that I will always be satisfied.

Over the last few days I have received a flood of mail from my teammates making their payments. I am so grateful that they are all becoming a bit more responsible in paying on time to lessen the burden on me. I think i will feel comfortable handing the team over, as it really has come together. The girls are great. I will really miss them... Today while I was opening the envelopes, I was touched as a lot of my friends added personal messages letting me know how grateful they were for all the work I have done, well wishes for my trip, prayers sent my way, and one girl who i love the most said "You better cash this before you leave to the Middle East" It made me smile because i can hold onto a check for quite some time. I think last time I had money from her, I went to Europe and didn't cash it until i came home two weeks later. Oops. I love my ladies. I love my team. I love that they put their money into the mail without griping, and I hope that this season is our most memorable yet. I know for me it will be.


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