26 January 2010

One Bad Apple (spoils the bunch)

I love it when self proclaimed Christians ruin it for the rest of us. (PLEASE NOTE THE SARCASM)... I know a woman, who is quite the pessimist. She drives me nuts, and I know tht at times she means well, but there is no tact, and really I am not an idiot. Yes I was married to the most unmatched person I could have chosen... but he was the only one doing the asking. Looking back, everyone told me not to do it. Or held their tongues. Mom said i was like a freight train, there was no stopping me, and getting in my way would have been a disaster. I guess if i am honest, When i got married, I was getting married to an idea. I was perhaps subconciously racing my sister to the altar. I was hoping the man would change (strongly recommend against this one). I was not myself. I was delirious. i was not living in Gods will for my life, i was living out MY will for MY life. I had to get married. I had a plan. Married by 25, kids by 30. Now i have a new plan. God will decide, I'll follow. It works much better that way.

So this lady, she told me, i knew it woudn't work. So now since it didn't work, she thinks that she has the right to tell me her opinion on E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G. seriously. She has spent the last year or more telling me that if i didn't get married soon i would end up alone and barren. Who says that? i mean really? who tells someone who has recently been divorced b/c of an abusive relationship, that they will end up alone and barren???? And then on top of that, considers themself a Christian. I'm on a soapbox now, look at me go. How do you call yourself a Christian in one breath and then view the world in such a dim light? I just don't know. It really doesn't make sense to me at all. You see, for me, I have a lot of non-Christian friends. And they are happy. I do not tell them what to think and feel. And we get along just fine. They are some of my closest friends. GASP - non-Christian friends! How dare I???? yes, how dare i!! I mean Jesus only hung out with the holy and pure and blameless right?

Jesus hung out with a hooker and a bookie and a bunch of other quite colorful people. At least I think tax collector back then would be like the modern equivalent of a bookie. that's my take on it. It makes my story more colorful anyways.

I love my non-Christian friends dearly. And i accept them for who they are. I love them for where they are in their lives. Do i want to see them know God as i do? Absolutely. But i am NOT here to judge. i am NOT here to preach, and I am NOT here to force my opinions upon anyone. I believe in Religious Freedom. Whether or not I think other beliefs are fallible, that is my choice and my opinion, and i will keep that to myself and show you what it means to be a Christian by my love and through my life (though don't look too closely - we all fall short). Sure, as a Christian I am charged to share the gospel, but i never read anywhere where that says, persecute others. No, in fact there are TWO commandments that Jesus said are the most important. Love the Lord your God with all your heart. Love thy neighbor as yourself. I love all of my friends, Christian, Jew, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Athiest, Agnostic, Nature lovers, Morman, Scientologist, etc.. I guess when it comes down to it, i love my enemies too. I pray for them anyways. Because i believe that if there is any hatred or strife in you, then you are separated from God. So to be safe, I love everyone. At least i try, though again, i will miss the mark. I am not perfect nor even close. Not yet anyways.

Back to my point. Some of the Christians I know are really annoying. Like this lady i'm talking about. First she tells me i'm going to be alone and barren (which i ignored). Now she is telling me that i need to give her my boyfriends full name so that she can call Interpol if need be and that he isn't who he says he is and that he is probably lying to me about his age. Well, i'm glad she is the worlds expert on everything. First i'll be alone. And now that i found someone that i actually connect with on more than one level, i must be making a mistake. Pick a tune lady and stick with it. Am I destined to be alone or am i about to get played by a wolf in sheeps clothing. I shared my story with her b/c I thought she would be happy to hear i found someone. How wrong i was. I wonder how many hours she has spent worrying about this and dwelling over it. And the fact that she has been talking to Woman #2 about this to get her advice, NOTE #2 has had multiple failed marriages.... So we should really take heed to what she has to say right? Ok i am going to stop now because i am being quite mean and i don't mean to be mean or angry or anything because i'm not. So i'll stop. I am SURE she means the best and is only concerned that i will get hurt again, and with my personal wellbeing (and probably a bit jealous that i have met a man that has and will continue to sweep me off my feet) but think people think..... Am I not capable of deciding whether or not my boyfriend is who he says he is? Am i not capable of making wise decisions because i made ONE wrong one?

But all this got me to thinking. How can someone claim to be a Christian and be so darn pessimistic? I, of course, shrugged her off as i always do, and paid no heed to her talk. I have done my homework, background work, and the like. How can he have 1000 FB friends and be such a deceiver. How can he have multiple magazine/newspaper articles, and be not who he says he is. I have talked to his parents on the phone on multiple occassions and i absolutely love them. Maybe they are not his parents? maybe they too are secretly wolves... Maybe everyone is a wolf and I should go inside, lock my door and hide for the rest of my life. I am not a fool, even if at one time i was taken for one. I must repeat I am not a fool. If you are truely a Christian, then you should have the joy of Christ in your life no matter your circumstances, and you should have absolutely nothing but JOY in your heart... And because of that joy, you should certainly be optimistic. I know i am.


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