23 June 2009

All good things in due time....

This is what makes me smile Every Day....

I am ready for a change. I am going to finish my PhD! Not sure when, but i will finish.
I replied to email from my ex-husband today.
He sent me a message telling me:
"I'm 4 months completely sober. Just thought it was cool. Well I hope your doing ok. I think it's dumb that we have to try to avoid eachother. I don't have a mean bone in my body towards you. I think we both were dumb = ) I wish it wasn't so awkward. I have an accountability partner that I meet with twice a week so I'm good. I stay too busy to get in trouble besides that, I heard you were getting married? That's awesome! = ) " (um no i'm not)

we played soccer against each other in April and he tried to look at me
"I smiled at you at the end but you wanted to stare at the ground. Made me feel bad"
(shucks - trouble is I see through things that don't exist)
"I just want is to be on non awkward terms if were gonna live in the same town."
I told him he could move, it is a free country. After all, its not THAT small of a town.
"We don't have to hug but we shouldn't hate each other"
thanks, i'll keep that in mind.
Then he told me he prays for me and asks if there is anything he can pray for me... hahaha
Here he is again, on his mighty throne, PRAYING FOR ME. As if God listens to the prayers of the wicked. I email and tell him he hides behind God and what does he do? He hides behind God. Way to go. I bet he has really changed. Poor predictable adam. GET LOST.
I'm so happy without him and again, these doggies. they bring me joy far greater than any man has.

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