22 February 2017

2017 - Sweet P

Well, we missed Piper turning 2.5 so here is an update on Piper.

This kid is SMART, and i don't mean, she is reading and solving complex equations (yet), but she has the proclivity to solve complex problems. She can read a situation, play Monopoly Junior alongside her sister without missing a beat. She asks the most inquisitive questions and sometimes she does it to be funny but other times, you can tell her wheels are really turning. She thinks about things rather than accepting it at face value.

She calls an avocado a "Catado" (sometimes but is determined to say it the right way despite our protests). She loves her baby doll, George Rosie, and has replaced her pacifier with thumb sucking. So much for trying to wean her. She also has several stuffed dogs, cats and rabbits named Zelda!

Piper LOVES to jump at you from a surface (like a chair, couch, table) and shout  CANNONBALL! She is an excellent swimmer and is even able to do a little butterfly. I kid you not. she likes to dive, which is more like a belly flop, but the kid is impressive. She plans on trying to join the swim team this summer

Piper is afraid of sledding but will do it anyways, you just have to sort of force her, but she enjoys it. She loves to sing and has many songs memorized. She also likes to pray on her own and in her own words, and has a big heart for her family and friends.

Her favorite songs are: "Fly me to the Moon" and "Cheek to Cheek" (sinatra), "Roar" - katy perry, and "We are the dinosaurs".  She also likes to sing Happy Birthday and will ask whose birthday it is for any given day. She knows that her birthday is may the third. She also likes to sing Immanuel and How Great Our joy, the two songs that Sloan sang in the church kids Choir for Christmas.

Piper LOVES her daddy, but is also a mama's girl. She also loves our dog ellie and will constantly tell me how much she loves my dog. "i LOVE YOUR DOGGY SO MUCH MOMMY". Piper lover her friends at school too and will run to give them hugs. Her favorite teacher is Dana, and she will run off to her class without looking back, though sometimes she likes to give me one last "squeeze hug" and then play head and shoulders (knees and toes) with me through the window.

Piper loves Sloan and is great at giving her compliments. "Sloan, i like your hair bow, it is SOO pretty!" She also likes to compliment me, "Mommy i LOVE your dress, it has so many polka dots on it"

Piper can dress herself, has been potty trained for over a year with very few accidents, and feeds herself with ease. She also can ride a tricycle and scooter. She is pretty athletic and i'm excited to see how that evolves.

10 January 2017

Sloan is FIVE! (and a quarter)

As i said, life got super crazy super fast. I can't keep up with my blog anymore, but I sure will try my best... THIS IS FROM JULY! I will have to update on Sloan 5.5

I took Sloan to eat sushi one day for lunch, just four days before she turned 5.

On July 19th, Sloan turned 5! The night before her cousins and aunt spent the night. When she woke up, she was greeted with PRESENTS of course! a new TREK!

Then we took her to duck donuts for breakfast!

She did go to school that day, and served all of her friends POPSICLES after lunch!

After school, Sloan had a swim meet, her last one of the season. Pretty impressive that she was on swim team for TWO years as an under 5 swimmer.

We had cupcakes with the team after the meet was over and a fabulous day was had by all!

As of July: Sloan can read simple words, and do addition and subtraction fairly easy. She can swim backstroke, breast stroke, and freestyle. She helps around the house by putting away her clothes, unloading the dishwasher, setting the table, and helping clear the table. As well as picking up after herself, and sometimes her baby sister.

Sloan LOVES her stuffed elephant winksy and her baby sister Piper. Sloan is learning to ride a bike without training wheels

17 October 2016

Is it October already?

Let me start by saying, WOW how the time has flown by. We have been so incredibly busy lately.

In June we went to Spain for 10 days without the children and it was such a great time! In July we celebrated Sloan turning FIVE and finished up her second year of swim team! She did amazing and swam an entire lap in around 47 seconds, and was even able to swim an entire lap of backstroke without quitting or turning over! Our girl is doing amazing! Now we have moved from swimming to gymnastics and the kids are really enjoying it. Did I mention Sloan started KINDERGARTEN in SEPTEMBER? Where did the time go?

But back to our story... In August we drove to Columbus Ohio where Rick was working a gig for seven weeks, and up to Cleveland  to see my college roommate and best friend. We also visited the Columbus Zoo where we rode a CAMEL! 

At the end of August we went to Myrtle Beach for a long weekend to celebrate my birthday and had such an amazing time at the Kingston Plantation Resort. They have a little splash pad/ water park perfect for kids Sloan and Piper's ages. 

At the end of September, we flew to Cabo San Lucas Mexico for a short week, spent with Rick's parents. It was a wonderful week and a perfect end to summer, even though it was technically the first week of Fall. The kids spent most of their time swimming in the pools, and it was a great refreshing week!

The second weekend of October, we flew to Chicago for a wedding. The kids had a fabulous time and so did the grown ups! we LOVED visiting Chicago and hope to go back for a visit another day. Congrats to Adam and Rachel Snow!

Now we are back to the daily grind and we welcome it. Things have been so crazy busy, especially those 7 weeks Rick was away (we did see each other 5 out of 7 weekends so it wasn't horrible, but doing the day to day on my own wasn't a walk in the park either, especially with our new schedule!)

Next post will recap Sloan's birthday and then I will have to pick up where i can!